Hello, I am back!

I have had a very quite crafting time for the past few months. I in the autumn I went to a quilting class locally and had fun, so I made a quilt on my own using the same method as I had learnt.


All made from fabric that I had in my stash!


I do like the strip method, but I suppose I should try something else.

But then I have been cheating…


I have made four seat pads that have been stamped and then stitched with a zigzag to make them look quilted. There are great for extra seating or taking outside to add to garden chairs and can just be thrown in the washing machine.

Happy Easter

Dorrie Doodle



Woodware’s Clear Magic Bubble Blooms by Jane

This week on the Woodware blog we are looking at Jane’s Bubble stamps they are mainly flowers but not all, today I have used a flower


This is Curly Sue I have used her before at the end of last year for white embossing, but no embossing this time.


This time I have stamped Sue on a linen square the square is sealed at the edges which makes it easy to use. I have stamped with Evergreen Crafters I heat set it with my heat tool before carrying on.


next steep was to stitch the bubbles


I used a variation of Rhodes Stitch, well it started off as Rhodes stitch.


I used a water brush and the Evergreen pad to colour the leaves. Then trimmed and frayed the fabric. I ironed to heat set and get the creases out.


I have used the same stamp to decorate the base card.


and my Tag Top punch for the greeting, just for a change! I have also used my Scruffer and edged with ink.


I have finished off with some Ric-rac and gingham ribbon.

here is Jane’s video on using Card Candi with the Bubble Stamps

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Woodware Challenge – Mixed Media – Summer or Body Beautiful

On the Woodware Blog this week we have a choice of Summer of or Body Beautiful, I have gone for summer, I think most of the girls will have gone summer!

I have made a mobile phone cover for me.


The stencil is Dreamweaver Corner Flower Stencil on the front.


on the back I have a mix of  a ClearSnap Art Screen Mandala and Jane’s wonderful Dorothy Stamp.


I have used Craft Canvas and sprayed it with Artichoke Dye Ink Spray.


the blue one was sprayed with diluted Crafters Wave re-inker


The small piece I sprayed with Grape Dye Ink.


with a Crafters ink pad and a Stylus Tool I inked trough the Art Screen



I didn’t place the stencil anywhere in particular.


I placed them together and then stamped them with Dorothy.


I stamped with them together and embossed with a Frantage mixture and Aged Ivory Powder. I then added some Frantage spots.


On the other side I used Dreamweaver Gold Embossing Paste and the Corner Flower Stencil.


I added Metallic F/X and heated to give the molten magic effect.


I machine tacked the layers together. On the inside I have lined the pouch with velvet, on the pasted side I have added some thin wadding to protect the phone screen.

Zig zagging around the edges is a simple way to finish it off.



The pockets are perfect for my gym card and some emergency money.

Here is another one that I made, this was supposed to be for Jane, but it didn’t fit, so I have made her one but forgot to take a photograph.



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Woodware are as Mad as Hatters…with The Stamp Pad

 The challenge on the Woodware blog this week is Mad Hatters I hope you check the posts out as I think it could be a fun week!

I have made a box hat


Yes it looks like a hat, but it is sitting on a wooden bobbin and won’t go on your head!

The story in pictures…


I have used a straight sided plastic tub for the inside, I measured my Craft Canvas and then sprayed it with Clearsnap Artichoke Dye Ink Spray.


I used the Woodware Compass Cutter to cut some scrap mounting board. Go gently around over and over again to ease your way through the thick card.

I have used Double Sided Adhesive sheets to attach the Craft Canvas I put the sticky sheet on the canvas because I had allowed for an over lap.


Can you see my not so deliberate mistake? I have spray much more heavily at one end of the canvas than the other, which was not really noticeable on the flat sheet of canvas, well not so noticeable! It is at the back, so I have not done anything about it.


I stuck a piece of card on the bottom so that it was flat. Make slits in the canvas so that the fullness is catered for when you fold over the excess, this give a fairly neat finish.


I added another piece of card just to keep it neat and again give me a good join to the base.

Carefully attach to the solid brim.


The join at the bottom is not very neat, but that is what ribbon is for.


Add a lid, this is just a circle of card with canvas on both sides, again all stuck together with Double Sided Adhesive sheets


To decorate I have used the Burlap Flowers and Ribbon.

Also the new Woodware Cotton Ribbon in Natural the ribbon comes in 15mm and 6mm I have used the 15mm to wrap around the hat. I made a multi bow with the 6mm and the medium (middle) sized template from the Brilliant Bow Maker.


I inked all of the edges with the Caribbean Surfacez ink. And used some ribbon and double sided tape to attach the top of the hat.


The tag on the top had been punched and the stamped with the Rollagraph Define it. I have then written on my little ditti.


I hope that you enjoy Woodware’s  Mad Hatters week, brought to you by

Gwenstampy of the Stamp Pad

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More mad hatters on the Woodware Blog

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Woodware Challenge – Alter it or Recycle it… Day 3

The theme this week over on the Woodware blog is Alter or recycle it, I am not sure what I have done you decide…


I started with this and finished with…


I like the yogurt, but I also like the tub that it come in, and use them for bits and pieces, and also as a waste bin on my table while I am crafting, ideal for the backing off double sided tape and the ends off ribbon. Decorating one has been a plan for quite a long time.


So when the yogurt is finished and the cardboard cover in the recycling you have a pot or bin.


First I cut some Craft Canvas then I sprayed it with Crafters re-inker that I had mixed with water in a Mist It Bottle.


I marked the back with the ribbon widths and where I wanted the slits to be.


The marking was a bit messy.


This is the right side


This is the wrong side , I gave it a paint with acrylic paint. If the pot had not been clear I would not have bothered doing this.


I glued some ribbon around the top and glued the sides with USArtQuest PPA.


 turn it the right side out and that is it!


I added some slits so that I could add some ribbon around the middle.

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Woodware Challenge – Colours of the Earth

Over on the Woodware blog this week we are looking at the colours of the earth my project happened by accident, not a mistake. I started out at the weekend making a cover for a mirror that was a present, I like it very much and didn’t want to keep it in my handbag without a cover in case it got damaged. It ties in with the theme on the Dream It Up blog this month.

But well, I don’t really use earthy colours so I made a phone cover for Judith (the Boss) she is getting a new phone soon so I have made a pocket for it.(I haven’t posted it to her yet)

phone_case_finishedI have used a very old Dreamweaver stencil Fern and Flowers

phone_case1you can see that I have not coloured the flowers on the stencils only the ferns. That is one of my favourite things about stencils it is so easy to only colour the parts that you want. I coloured with an assortment of ColorBox Crafters ink pads and my ColorBox Stylus tool.

phone_case2The other side I coloured in the same way but used the Leaf Branch stencil and over stencilled it.

The surface that I have used is craft Canvas by Roc-lon, which we are going to be stocking but it has not arrived yet. It is a fabric that thinks it is a paper, you can cut it with a trimmer or scissors and it very easy to use.

phone_case3I have used a zig-zag stitch to attach some velvet to the back.

phone_case4on the fern side I used free machining around the ferns. Then I trimmed closely to the zig-zag.

phone_case_backThen zig-zag the two pieces together, the zig-zag gives you a nice finish and no turning or finishing off.

Here is the mirror cover.


2 pieces of Craft Canvas

mirror-pouch_hearts The stencil is Hearty Whimsy

mirror-pouch_flowerand this one is Fairy Flower Circle.mirror-pouch_completeand here is the finished pouch.

Pop over and see what the rest of the girls have been up too on the Woodware Blog, and a card by the boss.

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Woodware Challenge – Week 83 – Vintage Hearts and Love

Well I am last this week for the Woodware Challenge and this week I know where I got my inspiration from,

dorrieMagI subscribe to this magazine from Rainbow Silks, but quite often I don’t get around to reading them, but this week I spotted these hearts. My daughter has bought herself an iPad Mini and wanted a cover for it, and she does like hearts.

dorrieCompleteSo here we have it, no nothing like the hearts that inspired it.


To start with I stamped Jane Gill’s Bubble Heart with Russet Chalk Yink, and heat set with an iron. I then used my stylus and added some colour using Colorbox chalk ink pads.

dorrieHeartI then placed the fabric on some wadding and stitched. To do the stitching all that I do is use a darning foot and lower the teeth so that you can move the fabric in any direction. I have used a few different variegated threads to add colour.

dorriePanelThe back and front are just velvet panels that have some wadding in the middle.

DorrieCompletedHeartI than added some Woodware buttons from the Coffee and Cream assortment.

Shona is very pleased with the finished pouch, except she would like more buttons on it!

dorrieSheet-of-heartsThis is the start of a Kindle Cover, and hopefully I will have time to make myself a cover for my tablet, before I go off to the CHA trade show next week!

Thank you for visiting me today, I think that over on the Woodware blog you will find lots of variety of vintage style hearts this week.