Woodware and Crafty Cardmaker and more… – Black and White


We are pleased to be playing along with the Crafty Card Makers and More… this week, the challenge will be open on their blog for two weeks. If you would like to play along with us please check the Crafty Card Maker rules then use the link on the Crafty Card Makers Blog to add your card or if you are not a blogger yet you can e-mail your card to me as usual Dorothy@woodware.co.uk  and I will post it and add it to the Crafty Card Makers and more… Blog.

For my black and white I am going rather picture heavy, but I have done six cards!

I decided to use a new stencil from Dreamweaver but I do find that with Black and White what is in my head never works on paper! I am very pleased with what I finished up with, but it came about by accident, do you call that serendipity?


The stencil is called Zen Flower and is about 15cm square (6 x 6)


This is what I have used.


You can see here that I tried different stenciling techniques on the white card, I also have a load of embossed flowers on black card, and some on chippies! So you may get to see them another day.

But the end of play time I had a very messy stencil so…


I cleaned off the with my stencil and stencil brush onto some small pieces of card that I had cut for something else. I think that you can see from this picture that they are graded pale to dark but are all lovely. The stamp is from Jane’s Clear Magic Single In the Frame Ditties which I have stamped with the Night Crafters ink  which is the only ink that I have used for the project.

As you can guess from the stamp an idea was born…


Six cards all slightly different.

7 6 5 4 3 2

But really just the same.

So they have to be keep safely until they are used…..


My simple folder was born.


Take a piece of 12 x 12 card and cut off 1 inch (25mm). Placing the short side against the edge score on it on a Groovy board at the score line for A4 in half and then turn your card and score again, this gives you approximately 1cm of a depth to the folder.

Then using the A5 in half mark score in the opposite direction. Fold on the score lines to crease well and then tape is as in the picture. Add ribbon for closing before you fold it up.


I didn’t fold and crease before I taped and it went a tiny bit squint (don’t do what I do, do it right!)


the inside I decorated with a chopped up flower. I placed the first one where I wanted it, drew pencil lines and the chopped it and placed the other 2 pieces on the other side.


It fits the 6 cards and envelopes nicely, but if you wanted to have more cards inside, you could add a scored gusset at the bottom too.

I am going to add this post to the Dream it Up challenge and to Crafty Cardmakers and More… why not play along too?

Thank you for visiting see you soon!


7 thoughts on “Woodware and Crafty Cardmaker and more… – Black and White

  1. I must give your card folder idea a try it would make a lovely gift. And of course I now NEED this stencil. Thanks for joining in with my challenge xx

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